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Erotic gay sex adventures with daddy and Asian twink
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Angry Gay Asian Boys Fuck

Two angry gay Asian boyfriends are in the middle of an argument. Andrew saw his gay Asian lover Vahn talking to another guy in the grocery store. Being the extremely jealous boyfriend, Andrew immediately assumes they are having gay sex on the side. So the drama starts with the cold shoulder treatment and acting like a little bitch.When they get home, that's when the shit storm begins. Vahn is trying to calm his cute boyfriend, but seems nothing will calm his anger. Andrew shoves Vahn forcefully on the bed. Another attempt to quench the fire, Vahn wraps his arms and legs around his Asian boy, kissing his neck and telling him how much he loves him. "Let me show you how much I love you" he speaks softly into his ear. Andrew reluctantly submits to Vahn's lead and tolerates him pulling off his shorts and sucking his big dick.Andrew's huge cock swells up, and now he is becoming more responsive. Still angry, he takes the opportunity to release his anger through his cock by giving his gay Asian boy the hardest bareback fucking he's every given him.

Rates : 17


April 2, 2015
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